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Faucet Spanner

Main Features:u2022 The mounting head can tighten or loosen nuts at any occasion with ease, multi-purpose and effectiveu2022 Equipped with a gradienteru2022 The through-hole, easy to operate and labor..

$23.37 Ex Tax: $23.37

H27V210CUP DC 7 - 100V Electric Vehicle Percentile Voltmeter with Alarm

Main Features:Can press to set battery types and cascade numbersSuitable for 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V / 60V / 72V / 84V accumulator cars and so onCan display real-time voltage and powerTwo-wire system, w..

$26.32 Ex Tax: $26.32

Hand Riveter

Main Features:u2022 Patented structure increases power and reduces shocku2022 Excellent leverage makes it easy to use for extended periodsu2022 Shock-proof design with ergonomic handles to eliminate v..

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Joyhero D60 Soldering Iron Kit

Descriptions: A soldering iron can transfer heat to things like wires, transistors, and printed circuit boards. When the appropriate areas are heated properly, the soldering iron is applied. If you ju..

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KLS - 203X Wireless Winch Electric Remote Control Anti-interference Twin Handset

Main Features:-Remote ranges up to about 30m.-Visualu00a0indicatoru00a0lightu00a0showsu00a0remoteu00a0operation.-Transmitter replacement battery is readily available.-Wireless winch remote control wit..

$27.79 Ex Tax: $27.79

LCD1602 Character LCD Keypad Shield

LCD1602 Character LCD Keypad Shield V1.0 with Contrast Adjustment and Backlight for Arduino DeveloperDescription:LCD Keypad Shield input and output expansion board using the 2-line, 16-character LCD w..

$26.03 Ex Tax: $26.03

LM12UU Linear Motion Bearing

Main Featuresu2022 Material: bearing steelu2022 Size: 12mm x 20mm x 29mm ( inside diameter x outside diameter x length )u2022 Help the ball rotate with a very small friction resistance, then ensure th..

$24.23 Ex Tax: $24.23

Metal Blades Trimmer Head for Lawn Mower

Description:Are you looking for a practical grass trimmer head? This Metal Blades Trimmer Head is a good choice! With sharp blades, it can effectively trim the grass. And it can be installed easily.Fe..

$23.36 Ex Tax: $23.36

Multifunctional Angle Grinder Stand

Description:This is an ideal designed grinder accessory effectively turns a universal 100mm to 125mm angle grinder into a mini metal cutting machine.Features:- Strength reinforcing lever with spring-r..

$34.39 Ex Tax: $34.39

Multipurpose Magnet Fishing Rescue Safety Rope Rock Climbing Cord with Carabiner

Main Features:Durable and Lightweight- The outer surface of the rope is woven from nylon, and the inner is tightly twisted nylon cores, with the great load-bearing performance.Practical Parts- With st..

$25.57 Ex Tax: $25.57

NE 300 / 450 / 650mm Miter Bar Slider Table Saw Gauge Rod Woodworking Tool

Description:This Miter Bar Slider is a useful tool for woodworking. With standard and exquisite workmanship, suitable for T-slot and T-track. If you are a woodworking enthusiast, this tool is somethin..

$26.40 Ex Tax: $26.40

NE 800 / 1000 / 1220mm T-track T- slot with Scale Bar Table Saw Woodworking Workbench Tool

Description:The T-slot is widely used in the wood industry. Woodworking table, table saw, table drill, miter saw, milling table are inseparable from it. If you are a woodworking enthusiast, this tool ..

$27.63 Ex Tax: $27.63
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